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The fee schedules are updated each quarter. Pricing files are used by all MO HealthNet Providers. A code may not be appropriate for your claim even though it is listed in the pricing file. This is especially true for the categories entitled EPSDT, Medical, and Other Medical. Please refer to your program specific manual and bulletins for correct coding.

MO HealthNet providers are categorized by the service(s) they perform for the MO HealthNet eligible participants. The service by which providers are classified will determine the procedures for which they receive MO HealthNet reimbursement. However, some CPT codes may be billed by multiple provider types.

For programs not paid via a fee schedule, procedure codes will show as covered with a fee listed. If you are paid by percentage, per diem rate, etc., you will continue to be paid in that manner. Again, please refer to the program specific manual and bulletins for limitations and restrictions.

General Fee Schedule Information

The four categories listed below have a variety of codes, which may be appropriate for many providers and services. Please use this as a reference when searching in these categories. For more specific information refer to the provider manuals and bulletins.

Specific information regarding modifiers may be found at the Modifier Information Link.

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