Missouri Online Application Introduction - How to Apply

Apply For Benefits Instructions (All Programs)

Before you begin, click here to make sure you have all of the information you will need to complete the online application.

If you are applying for SNAP benefits:

  • Click here for helpful information for completing your SNAP application.

  • You have the right to apply for SNAP benefits at any time.

  • Your Food Stamp benefits are based on the date of the online application. Your application date is the date the Family Support Division office receives your application. Any application is considered received on the next business day if received after 5 pm Monday - Friday, or on a weekend, holiday, or any other date the State is not providing service. If you are institutionalized your application date is the date you are released from the institution.

  • Your household may qualify for seven-day processing (expedited service) of your SNAP benefits application if:

    • Your household's liquid resources (cash on hand, checking or savings accounts, saving certificates, and lump sum payments) do not exceed $100 and your household has less than $150 of gross monthly income in the calendar month of application; or

    • Your household combined gross income and liquid assets are less than your monthly rent and/or mortgage payment plus heat and utilities, or

    • Your household includes a migrant or seasonal farm worker whose income has stopped and whose liquid resources do not exceed $100.

  • If your household does not qualify for seven-day processing (expedited service), a decision about your eligibility will be made within 30 days of your application date.

  • You have three options to apply for SNAP benefits:

    • Submitting your online application with only your name, address, and signature, or

    • Only completing the required fields marked with a red asterisk, or,

    • Complete all fields.

    • An interview will be required to process your SNAP application. You may contact the FSD Info Center at 855-8233-4908 to complete your interview starting at 7:30am.