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Many Missouri residents need help but do not know what services are available. The Missouri Pre-Eligibility Tool can be used to determine if you may be eligible to receive the following Missouri benefits: Child Care Subsidy (CC), Food Stamps (FS), Temporary Assistance (TA), MO HealthNet for the Aged, Blind and Disabled (MHABD) and MO HealthNet for Families and Children (MAGI).

To apply only for Family Medical, click here

To apply only for Child Care, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance, or Adult Medical, click below. You can apply for these programs with a single application.

The Missouri Pre-Eligibility Tool is not an application. At the end of the pre-eligibility tool, an application(s) for services can be made by completing an application online, or complete a paper application by printing and mailing or drop off the application to your local Family Support Division office. Click here to find the office that serves your area.

Step 1: Answer a few questions as completely as possible.
These questions are about you and members in your household.

Step 2: Review the results.
Your results are based on the answers to the questions you were asked. Services listed are services you might be eligible for. If the results say you may not be eligible for a program, you may still choose to apply and have the Department of Social Services review your eligibility.

Step 3: Apply for services.
Select the services you wish to apply for. Complete the application, print it and send it to your local Missouri Family Support Division office. Click here for a detailed description of these services.

All questions with an * are required entries.

DISCLAIMER: No identifying information such as names (only first names will be used as identifiers), addresses, or social security numbers will be collected by this Pre-Eligibility Tool on this website. Any financial or household information collected will only be used to calculate possible eligibility and will not be saved.


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